New Zealand

Why Study in New-Zealand?

  • Education System is based on prestigious British system
  • Quality education at low cost
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Lively country to study
  • Beautiful location
  • Hospitable people
  • Small country with huge development opportunities in various sectors
  • Teaching methodology and personalized attention from the tutors
  • High ranking of institutes in NZ
  • Low cost of living as compared to other countries
  • Qualification from NZ is recognized in most part of the world.

Managing your life in New-Zealand

  • Planning your departure.
  • Arriving in Canada.
  • Accessing support services.
  • Remaining visa compliant.
  • Work while you study.
  • Living costs and finding accommodation.
  • Health and safety.

Cost of Living in New-Zealand

As compared to other countries cost of living in NZ is on the lower side. Students might spend anywhere between 10000$ -12000$ in a year while studying in NZ. This amount is inclusive of Accommodation, Food, Travel & Leisure activities.