The SAT is a test of your knowledge within the core SAT areas of reading, writing and mathematics

Each section is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale, making the “perfect” score 1600.

Essay Writing (Optional) : You will be given a passage of 650-700 words and you will have to analyze & then explain how author’s argument is organized.

What is the SAT and why is it taken?

  • The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardized test published and administered by the College Board SAT (
  • The SAT is often required to make admission related decisions for following countries:
  • USA | Australia | UK | Singapore
  • However, it is just one factor in the admission related decisions. Schools also consider your high school GPA, academic transcript, letters of recommendation, interviews, and personal essays.
  • The plays a major role in securing scholarships.

Who can take the SAT and When?

  • Any applicant, who is pursuing his/her Higher Secondary, can appear for the test.
  • The SAT is offered nationally every year in January, May, June, October, November and December.
Verbal (Evidence based Reading & Writing)
Reasoning Vocabulary Reasoning Reading
MATH (Real situation based & Word problems)
Algebra Airthmetic Geometry Data Analysis Problems
SAT (1600) Marks
Math (800 Marks)
38 Qs – 55 Min
Verbal (800 Marks)
52 Qs – 65 Min
Essay Writing (50 Min (Optional))
With Calculator
20 Qs – 25 Min
20 Qs – 35 Min
Without Calculator Language & Writing